In their refined, elegant designs the flowers excite us with their controlled adventures and new possibilities, expressing our deepest feelings. We come to love the unspoken energy within arrangements - quiet reminders of a natural force that moves us. 

Flowers always evoke a sense of belonging

We are a fine art floral design studio fostering meaningful connections with a strong sense of hospitality.

Curating your special place among flowers, we aim to achieve elegant, sculptural floral forms with enough space among flowers to perceive and admire their natural movement and flow.

Who we are

From a young age, the importance of play and imagination were emphasized and encouraged. Making time for creative practice has always been a large part of Hayley's artistic journey.

With a BFA in fine art illustration, she currently spends most of her time in her garden, sketching and learning to cultivate growth while interacting with flowers as her primary medium. Nothing brings Hayley greater joy than being able to set the table in her greenhouse to enjoy conversation with loved ones over candlelight and flowers.

Hayley is a visual artist and floral designer born in Michigan.

In 2019, after a handful of years working as a freelance floral designer and helping out in greenhouses, Hayley founded Hyssop as a means of deepening her connection with flowers and creating space to refine and explore her artistic style.

It was chosen to represent her business as it symbolizes some of her truest values such as healing, humility, and grace. 

Hyssop is a perennial mint with aromatic leaves and bracketed, whorling flowers.

It wasn’t until Hayley and her husband Zachary attended a creative retreat together later that year, that Zachary openly expressed an interest in designing for Hyssop.

It’s no surprise that when Zachary began designing floral arrangements, the process and outcome seemed to evoke the tranquil qualities of his poetry.

Their loving connection carries a sense of joy and wonder throughout their designs as they hope to provide a timeless, beautiful and abundantly meaningful experience for all.

It’s rare that a partnership can feel so creatively liberating and supportive all at once.

Collaboration and Connection

Instead of gatekeeping, we openly share knowledge and expertise so clients can feel reassured and connected to the project.

We do this by listening to our clients, collaborating on creative ideas, and helping them bring their vision to life in a sustainable way. 

Our values give genuine depth to our work and significance to our interactions with others.


We make an effort to maintain honest and open relationships with our clients, our communication creates space for trust and reliance.


We respect nature and aim to work alongside it. While crafting beautiful moments for our clients, we are deliberate about maintaining a positive impact on our environment.


Being present with positivity and kindness helps us ease fears and anxieties that our clients may be facing. We make ourselves available to help them through the whole process.


Having a positive impact on our clients by applying our design philosophy and generating creative conversations that will impact design choices.

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Field notes

Take a moment to visit our blog where we will be sharing musings from our garden, reflections from collaborative projects and weddings, music we’re enjoying, art that inspires our work, helpful tips to live intentionally by the seasons, as well as inspiration and glimpses of our daily life in the company of flowers.

Shopping for flowers, favoring local growers.

A rotating weekly floral subscription.

What draws us closer to flowers and arranging with them.



Seasonally refined, intentional florals and poetic styling for weddings, events, and intimate gatherings throughout Michigan.