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Letting us know what you're hopeful to spend on flowers or even a general price range that feels comfortable is tremendously helpful for us to keep in mind as we're assembling your customized proposal.

For full-service floral design, pricing tends to range between:
$4,500-8,000 | $7,500-$10,000 | $10,000+

Estimated Floral Budget
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or Pinterest URL. Feel free to leave blank if you don't have imagery to share, we will prepare something beautiful for you regardless.

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Let us know who will be capturing your day, or if you’d like any recommendations.

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How do you imagine floral arrangements or installations appearing for your ceremony?

Ceremony flowers

This could include a color palette, mood or any general aesthetic preferences you’d like to share. Details you feel would speak to the florals would be helpful. 

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Will you need table arrangements for your reception? Let us know if you have any stylistic preferences to keep in mind.

Reception Flowers

Tell us about your wedding party, we will need to know the quantity of personal flowers that will be needed such as bouquets, boutonnieres and wrist corsages.

Personal flowers

Would you like for us to curate and provide candle decor that pairs nicely with your flowers? We have a beautiful inventory full of pieces we would love to offer! 


Are you hopeful for us to prepare arrangements for lounge areas, cocktail tables or bar?

Cocktail and Bar Flowers

We’d love to thank other vendors or previous clients who may have referred us!

How did you hear about us?

This may include arrangements for a gift table, a dessert table, a welcome sign, an escort area, etc.

Any other details you’d love to share with us?

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To know that our work resonates with you has brought us so much joy, and we look forward to staying in touch!

Field notes

Take a moment to visit our blog where we will be sharing musings from our garden, reflections from collaborative projects and weddings, music we’re enjoying, art that inspires our work, helpful tips to live intentionally by the seasons, as well as inspiration and glimpses of our daily life in the company of flowers.

Shopping for flowers, favoring local growers.

A rotating weekly floral subscription.

What draws us closer to flowers and arranging with them.



Seasonally refined, intentional florals and poetic styling for weddings, events, and intimate gatherings throughout Michigan.